Embark on a thrilling journey through Manchester, New Hampshire’s tantalizing world of themed escape rooms, where adventure lurks in every corner for adult aficionados. 

You have 5 unique, pulse-quickening experiences, each a masterful blend of mystery, intellect, and teamwork. Feel the adrenaline yet?

From the eerie, dimly lit corridors of a Victorian-era mystery to the futuristic challenges set in a space odyssey, these escape rooms promise to transport you from the mundane to the extraordinary. 

Whether you’re a puzzle pro or a first-time player, prepare to have your wits tested and your adrenaline pumping in Manchester’s most exhilarating and premier adult escape room adventures.


#1 Break Free Escape Games

Tucked away in the pulsating heart of downtown Nashua, at the charming location of 100 Main Street, Break Free Escape Games emerges as a quintessential hotspot for an array of social escapades. 

The venue boasts stress-free parking options, and complimentary spots await you on weekends, holidays, and after the golden hour of 5:00 pm on weekdays. 

Break Free has recently migrated to this new address and has reinvented itself. They have multiple escape room games, including 2 exhilarating new escape rooms – ‘The Cabin,’ a horror-themed escapade that pledges to send shivers down your spine, and ‘The Castle Motel,’ a chilling tribute to the infamous H.H. Holmes and his notorious ‘Murder Castle.’ The other 3 escape rooms include – ‘Pandemic’, ‘The DaVinci Heist’ and ‘The Skull.’

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#2 Granite State Escape 

Located in the vibrant core of downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, Granite State Escape is a premier escape room. We present a spectrum of challenges, gracefully accommodating teams of 5 to 8 participants. 

Each challenge spans a range of difficulty, from the intellectually stimulating medium to the thrillingly hard levels. Embark on a 60-minute journey of wit and collaboration, where each game unfolds as a riveting test of skill and synergy. Participants are tasked to decipher hidden clues, unravel intricate puzzles, and join forces in a dynamic display of teamwork, all in the quest to emerge victorious.

Note: All our escape games offer private rooms. We are a family escape room as well. Large groups are also welcome.

More than just a hub for amusement and camaraderie among friends and family, we emerged as an ideal venue for marking memorable moments and hosting impactful corporate team-building events. 

Situated at the heart of Manchester’s bustling streets, specifically at 795 Elm Street (Lower Level), and reachable at 603-935-7455, we have rightfully earned our acclaim as New Hampshire’s premier family attraction. 

Among our crown jewels is the “Mystery at Cook Manor,” a game that wraps players in a cocoon of mystery and interactive storytelling, offering an immersive escape room experience that is also intellectually invigorating.

You can also celebrate birthday parties or any special occasion.

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family-escape-rooms-Manchester-New Hampshire

#3 Key To Escape 

Located in Nashua, NH, is an exhilarating world of Key To Escape, where many themed escape room adventures await, each brimming with its distinctive setting and captivating storyline. 

Journey into the heart of a dystopian American East Coast in “The Blind Tiger.” Venture next into “The Alien Incident” to thwart an Alien Y2K menace threatening the world. “The Cuckoo’s Nest” offers a spine-tingling escapade set in the eerie ambiance of a 1940s insane asylum. Step back in time with “The Western Whistle,” where an 1880s Saloon sets the stage for a 60-minute journey into the wild west. Finally, in “The House In The Woods,” players find themselves in a gingerbread house, a setting straight out of a fairytale.

Key To Escape prides itself on offering a private, tailor-made experience, empowering players to select their preferred difficulty level. Convenient online bookings and personalized gift vouchers add to the allure. 

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#4 Escape Room Concord 

Escape Room Concord emerges as a thrilling haven for puzzle enthusiasts, crowned with numerous awards, including the prestigious “Best Puzzles 2021” for The Enigma, the coveted “Best Escape Game 2021” for The Sanctuary, and the innovative “Best Innovator 2022” for The Dragon’s Chamber. 

This immersive realm unveils a spectrum of intricately themed adventures, ranging from the cosmic mysteries of Deep Space, the cryptic enigmas of The Enigma, the regal challenges of The Lion’s Den, to the scholarly quests of The Library, the mystical allure of The Sanctuary, and the fiery trials of The Dragon’s Chamber. 

Their customer-centric ethos is reflected in their flexible cancellation policy, offering refunds based on the notice period, and their thoughtful contingency plan for severe weather, promising gift certificates for future adventures. Moreover, purchasing gift cards adds an extra layer of convenience. 

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#5 102 Escape 

Nestled in the heart of Londonderry, New Hampshire, 102 Escape harbors 3 ingeniously crafted escape rooms, each a distinct realm with its own captivating theme. They vary in difficulty, making it easier for families, couples, and friends to choose a level they are comfortable with.

At 102 Escape, there is an allure of an authentic and riveting atmosphere. Participants find themselves locked in a room, with the sands of time trickling down – a mere 60 minutes to solve puzzles and unearth clues that lead to their escape. Yet, amidst this immersive realm, the doors remain open for essential escapes, such as the call of nature.

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Manchester’s adult escape rooms offer more than just a game; it’s an unforgettable journey into worlds brimming with intrigue and excitement. Each room is a unique realm where teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving reign supreme. 

Whether you unraveled the enigmas of a haunted mansion or outsmarted a high-tech security system, these experiences leave you with a triumphant buzz and stories to share. 

Note that all the above escape rooms range from hard difficulty to medium difficulty. Remember to check your difficulty level when you book your interactive experience! 

As the doors unlock and reality seeps back in, you’ll already crave your next escapade in Manchester’s mesmerizing maze of adult escape adventures. 

Are you ready to challenge yourself again?

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Until then, cheers!