For those customers that come up to us in the lobby and whisper “can you give me any tips?”…
we got you! As designers, game masters and frequent escape room players, here are our top
tips for solving escape rooms – 

1. Observe.
We see teams struggle over the little things all the time. Keep looking around,
keep exploring, keep your eyes (and maybe ears) open! Keen observation will get you

2. Communicate. Ok, you see interesting things… now what? TELL YOUR TEAM. This
will keep everyone on the same page and allow you to save time. We often see players
repeating information that was already discovered, and possibly used to solve a puzzle.
This leads to confusion, loss of focus and frustration.

3. Collaborate. When teams work together effectively, they’re going to play very well. Work
together to help each other think through a puzzle. A different perspective could be the
missing piece! HOWEVER, if your group is over 2-3 people, you may be better off
dividing into multiple groups and working on different puzzles at the same time. The
larger the room’s capacity, the more there is to do. If eight people all work on the same
puzzle, it’s hard to get to all of the others before the timer goes off.

4. Play to your Strengths. If you are confused by a puzzle, ask a teammate to help. They
may have a better grasp of that particular puzzle type. We always aim to create puzzles
that require different skill sets, so leave your pride at the door. Solving the puzzle
together should be just as rewarding as solving it yourself!

5. Think Creatively. If a code doesn’t work, rethink the process. Continually sticking a
square peg into a round hole takes up precious time and creates frustration. If you are
CERTAIN you did the puzzle properly, just ask the game master! They’ll point you in the
right direction, or validate you if that’s the case.

6. Use your Resources.
We give all of our players a white board and marker. Use it to
take notes, work through puzzles, or easily share thoughts with a teammate. We also
include a tabletop surface in every game to give you space to place items. This is
typically where multiple players work through puzzles together because they can easily
see the pieces at the same time.

7. ASK FOR CLUES. The #1 reason groups fail is because they refuse to ask for help
and/or ask us not to give them a clue until they ask. To make the most of an escape
room experience, don’t worry about setting records. We want you to have FUN. The role
of the game master is to ensure you enjoy the experience as much as possible. When is
the right time to ask for a clue? When you feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or frustrated.
We’d rather you ask for 43 clues than fight with your teammates.
And…if we are giving you a clue without you asking, it’s probably important. We don’t want you to spend too
much time going down a rabbit hole that is off base. So… go with it!

8. Stay Positive. Escape rooms should challenge you in some way, that’s the point! Do not
get down on yourself if you struggle with a puzzle or miss an obvious item. It happens all
the time! Stay positive, laugh with your team, celebrate victories, and make the most of
those 60 minutes. As designers, nothing makes us happier than hearing groups react to
the game or each other. It’s all about the experience!