Is it hard to find fun activities for your kids every weekend? You’re not the only one. Many parents have the same problem. We understand how tough it can be. Luckily, we know a lot about things to do with kids in Manchester, NH. We’ve put together some great options that kids and parents will love. From bowling in Manchester, NH, to other exciting indoor and outdoor activities, our suggestions will bring smiles and laughter. Check out our blog post as it’s full of ideas to make your weekend fun and memorable. Dive into our list of fun things to do and plan a perfect weekend for your kids.

Indoor Activities in Manchester, NH

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Manchester, NH, is full of indoor activities that kids love, no matter the weather outdoors. These activities are fun and help kids learn and get creative.

  • Indoor Trampoline Park in Manchester, NH: Leap into fun at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, where excitement reaches new heights! This park features expansive trampoline courts, a dodgeball area, and a foam pit that provides endless entertainment for kids and adults alike. It’s an excellent venue for birthday parties or a day out with the family. Parents can relax at the on-site cafe, enjoying snacks while the kids burn off some energy. This makes it a prime destination for indoor fun in Manchester.
  • Bowling in Manchester, NH: Bowling is a fantastic way to have fun with your kids and family. Every strike or spare is a chance to make memories at local bowling alleys like Yankee Lanes. It’s more than a game—it’s about having fun and a little friendly competition. This makes it one of the top fun things in Manchester, NH.
  • Roller Skating in Manchester, NH: Put on your skates and glide into the exciting world of roller skating at places like REMIX Skate and Event Center. Kids can zoom around the rink while parents join in or cheer from the sidelines. It’s a fun way to keep the family active, especially when cold outside.
  • Granite State Escape, Manchester, NH: It would not be a bad idea to state that our escape room is a top spot for indoor activities in NH. It is New Hampshire’s first escape room. Here, you can try out rooms like Mystery at Cook Manor and Dead Cabin. If you have young teens at home, bring them along since our escape rooms are fun and help improve teamwork and problem-solving skills. Located in Manchester, it’s an excellent option for an exciting weekend. We were voted NH’s best family attraction in both 2022 & 2023 by Best of the 603. This award proves how committed we are to offering engaging and thrilling activities. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Manchester, NH, this weekend, consider stopping by. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a challenge and want to have a great time with family or friends.

These activities make Manchester a wonderful place for family fun indoors. Whether exploring new worlds at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park or enjoying a game of bowling, there’s something for everyone.

Outdoor Adventures in Manchester

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As the weather gets warmer or the leaves change color, Manchester’s outdoor activities provide fun ways to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re exploring the city or nature, there’s always something to do.

  • Parks and Recreation: Manchester has many parks like Arms Park. These have playgrounds, trails, and picnic areas, perfect for spending the day with your family. It’s one of the best New Hampshire activities for kids.
  • Places of Interest in Manchester: Visit historical sites and beautiful spots like Livingston Park. These places teach kids about Manchester’s history while they have fun outside. It’s a great way to mix education with enjoyment, making it one of the top fun things to do in Manchester, NH.
  • Community Events: There are often outdoor festivals and markets. These events are perfect for families. You can meet others, enjoy local crafts, and try new foods. These are great NH activities for families looking to feel more connected to their community.
  • Sports Programs: You can participate in or watch various sports. These activities are good for all ages, help stay healthy, and teach teamwork. Bowling or roller skating in Manchester, NH, is a great choice for getting active.

Why not check out these activities this weekend? They’re ideal for anyone looking for things to do in Manchester, NH.

Sports and Physical Activities


Are you looking for fun ways to keep your kids active over the weekend? Manchester has many exciting options for your family. Here are some great ideas for sports and physical activities everyone can enjoy.

  • Kids Activities in NH: There are loads of things to do, from joining junior sports leagues to visiting climbing gyms. These activities are perfect for helping your kids release energy and learn new skills.
  • NH Activities for Families: Local sports centers, like the Executive Health and Sports Center, have special deals for families. You can swim, play tennis, or have a fun soccer match together. It’s a great way to stay active and have fun as a family.
  • Vertical Dreams Manchester: Try something thrilling like indoor climbing at Vertical Dreams. It’s a place where kids and adults can challenge themselves and reach new heights with the help of the tallest climbing wall in Manchester.
  • Community Sports Leagues: Get involved in a local sports league. It’s not just about staying active; it’s also a fantastic way to teach your kids about teamwork and discipline.

There are always things to do in Manchester. The city is filled with fun and exciting New Hampshire activities for kids. Plan your next adventure and make it a weekend to remember!

Climbing and Adventure Sports

fun things to do in Manchester, NH

Manchester, NH, is known for more than just its peaceful parks and interesting museums. It’s a place where adventure seekers can find exciting activities, especially if they love climbing.

  • Adventure Parks: Get ready for high-flying fun at our local adventure parks, such as Fun World. They have zip lines and rope courses for kids and adults, and it’s a thrilling way to spend the day.
  • Skateboarding Parks: If you’re into skateboarding, Manchester’s skate parks, like Rock Rimmon Skatepark are the place to be. They provide a secure area for kids to skate and hone their skills. It’s a cool spot for young skateboarders.
  • Outdoor Climbing Spots: Visit Manchester’s outdoor climbing spots, including Manchester Area Bouldering Climbing when it’s sunny. Climbing is a great way for kids to learn about nature and test their strength. Looking for more ideas? Check out roller skating in Manchester, NH, or try other fun things to do in Manchester this weekend.

Educational Activities


Education doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom. Manchester and the surrounding areas offer many educational activities that are as entertaining as they are informative.

  • Museums in Manchester: From art to history, Manchester’s museums offer educational tours designed for children, making learning fun and interactive.
  • Science Workshops: Engage in science workshops that offer experiments and activities, helping kids enjoyably understand complex concepts.
  • Library Story Hours: Local libraries, like the Manchester City Library frequently organize story hours and educational programs encouraging reading and cognitive development in young children.

Weekend Activities


Looking for things to do this weekend in Manchester? The city is bustling with events and activities tailored to families looking for fun and excitement.

  • Things to Do Manchester, NH This Weekend: Check local event listings for family-friendly festivals, workshops, and shows taking place this weekend.
  • Farmers Markets: Visit a local farmers market where kids can learn about food sources, meet local artisans, and enjoy fresh, healthy snacks.
  • Theatre Performances for Kids: Look out for children’s plays and performances, often on weekends, and provide a magical theatre experience for the younger audience.

Nearby Attractions


Are you looking for fun things to do with your family around Manchester, NH? There’s a lot to discover not only in the city but also in nearby areas.

  • Nature Trails Near Manchester: Visit fun places in Manchester, NH, like Pulpit Rock, for trails. Enjoy roller skating and indoor activities, too. Great for kids and family outings. These paths are great for family hikes. Kids can have fun learning about plants and animals in the area.
  • Historic Sites Around New Hampshire: Dive into the history that shaped New Hampshire. Visit nearby towns to see important places, like Daniel Webster Birthplace, and learn about our past. It’s a good way to mix education with family time.
  • Aquariums and Zoos: Visit nearby aquariums and zoos, like Charmingfare Farm, for a fun and educational day. Kids will love seeing different animals and learning about their habitats.

This weekend, enjoy roller skating in Manchester, NH, and visit the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Hooksett. Fun activities for kids and families await! Explore and learn! Check out all these exciting activities and plan a memorable family day out!


What are the best kids’ activities in NH during different seasons?

Here are the best kids’ activities in New Hampshire, categorized by season:


  • Indoor ice skating at local rinks
  • Visiting the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire for hands-on exhibits
  • Snow tubing and beginner ski lessons at smaller ski resorts


  • Exploring flower blooms at public gardens and parks
  • Farm visits during baby animal season
  • Hiking on family-friendly trails as the weather warms


  • Beach days at Hampton Beach State Park
  • Visiting water parks and outdoor swimming pools
  • Attending family concerts and movies in the park


  • Apple picking and hayrides at local orchards
  • Pumpkin festivals and Halloween events
  • Leaf peeping and scenic drives through the White Mountains

How can I find age-appropriate things to do with kids in Manchester, NH?

Just go through this blog post :wink: Additionally, you can search on the City of Manchester website.

Are there any discounted fun things to do in Manchester, NH, for large families?

Yes, many places offer family discounts or group rates. Bowling alleys, roller skating rinks, and even some museums provide reduced prices for large groups. Always check online or call ahead to find the best deals to make your family outing more affordable.

What safety measures are in place at roller skating Manchester NH venues?

Most roller skating venues in Manchester prioritize safety with well-maintained equipment, clean facilities, and trained staff. They require protective gear like helmets and pads and often have designated times for different age groups to ensure everyone skates safely.

How educational is the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Manchester, NH, for young children?

Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Manchester, NH, offers educational benefits for young children through physical activities that promote fitness and coordination. The park’s structured programs like “Toddler Time” provide a safe and engaging environment where young kids can learn movement skills and socialize with their peers. Additionally, the activities at Sky Zone encourage children to develop motor skills and improve balance, making it a beneficial experience for young learners.

So…Have You Decided On The Best Activity Yet?

At Granite State Escape, we’re proud to be part of the vibrant array of things to do with kids in Manchester, NH. Looking for fun this weekend in Manchester, NH? Try out our escape rooms, perfect for teamwork and thinking skills. Don’t miss the excitement at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park or roller skating fun. Join other families who love adventure. Tell us about your favorite places in Manchester!