Project Mars

Join the Galactic Space Enterprises in our mission to better humanity!

Using our patented mining technology, GSE has built a state-of-the-art facility on Mars. We are incredibly close to collecting enough raw material to solve the energy crisis on Earth! But, we need more employees to join our award-winning research team and make this vision a reality.

Be a part of the solution on Mars, Earth depends on it.

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Can You Escape In Time?

4-8 People

Get your friends, family and co-workers together! We also do birthday parties and corporate events.

60 Minutes

Each game has a sixty minute time limit. If you get stuck at any point, our staff will be on hand to lend a clue and keep you on track!

Solve the Puzzles

Each room has a unique set of puzzles. Find clues and hints inside the room to solve the puzzles and Escape! Things are not always as they seem, so be prepared to think outside the box.


YES! You don’t need to be Einstein to Escape. Our puzzles are designed for a variety of skill sets. Teamwork tends to be the best solution.

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Project Mars Specs

Minimum Group Size (Recommended)

Maximum Group Size


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Manchester Location

795 Elm Street (Lower Level)
Manchester, NH 03101